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9 Warning Signs Of Water Deficiency You Need To Know

9 Warning Signs Of Water Deficiency You Need To Know

We’re often thirsty but don’t realize it until some signs start showing up in a number of different ways. Here are nine thirst symptoms that you need to watch out for in order to make sure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Check out these 9 warning signs that you need to drink more water. Can you come up with more?

1- DRY MOUTH Experiencing a dry mouth is one of the most annoying signs that you aren’t drinking enough water per day. In fact, there could be other causes of a dry mouth, such consuming plenty of salty food, medication, or after a night of drinking alcohol. However, this is an informative sign that you need to get more fluids. You should simply increase the amount of water you drink per day and this feeling should be gone.
2- HEADACHES If you keep experiencing frequent and prolonged headaches, it could be a warning sign that you aren’t drinking enough water.
A headache is actually your brain’s way to alert you that something is wrong and that you need to do something about it. In fact, most of the human brain is made up of water. So if it’s lacking it, it would start sending signals in form of a headache to tell you that you need to drink.

3-URINE COLOR It is really important to check out the color of your urine every time you use the bathroom. Urine is supposed to have a very pale and almost clear color, not a dark and bright yellow one. So in case you’re not getting enough water throughout the day, then you’re more likely to see a darker color after you urinate.

4- DIZZINESS Dizziness, also called vertigo, is a clear sign that more water intake is needed.As we mentioned before, the majority of a human brain is made up of water, so if it isn’t getting enough it will send off alert signals.In general, dizziness comes after a headache, so you should better reach for a glass of water at the first sign and before it gets worse. You may consider carrying around a bottle or cup of water inside your bag so you can drink some wherever you go.
5-HUNGER It is true that your body can often confuse thirst with hunger, which is another warning sign that you lack water. Remember to try drinking a glass of water first when you feel hungry instead of reaching for a snack and see if the hunger disappears. Maintaining the necessary daily intake of water can prevent you from aimlessly snacking around during the day and also help you keep a healthy weight.
If you’re you suddenly feel sleepy at an unusual time of the day, it could be another way that your body is alerting you that you’re thirsty. In fact, water helps your brain to focus and function properly and when it’s not getting enough you feel sleepy. If you’re sleepy at midnight, that’s obviously normal, but if it’s 2 pm and you are sure that you got your eight hours night sleep, then try to drink some water and see if it’s helpful before you reach for a cup of coffee.
7-DRY SKIN Sometimes, it’s not the weather that’s making your skin dry, but your water deficiency.To prevent your skin from getting dry, you should apply some moisturizer and drink more water every day. Doing so will help you make your skin less dry and cracked after just one day or so.If your skin is becoming dry, it means that your body is absorbing the water from there in order to keep the other systems of your body functioning properly and smoothly.
If you noticed that your blood pressure has got higher than what it normally is (generally 120 over 80 but it can be different for some individuals), then you should be drinking more water. Your heart can also warn you when there is something going wrong with your body, but before you run to an emergency room with a tiny number difference in your blood pressure, you should drink a couple glasses of water first and give yourself about an hour to notice any relief.
9-THIRST Obviously! Thirst is the most logical and apparent sign that your body needs more water. You should make sure to avoid reaching for a soft drink, alcohol, or coffee, and simply drink a glass of water instead to effectively make thirst disappear.
Also, try not to get lazy or stay distracted when thirst strikes and drink water immediately in order to avoid extreme thirst, which leads to headaches, dizziness, and other uncomfortable issues.

HOW MANY MORE CAN YOU COME UP WITH? OK, so NOW, how do i make sure i am HYDRATED? 1) A good start is to drink 1/2 oz for every pound you weigh; for instance, if you weigh 100 pounds, you should start with 50oz of water daily. If you are 200 pounds, start by drinking 100oz of water daily. 300lbs? 150oz. I guarantee if you increase your water intake and start with these levels, your body will thank you in as little as 2-weeks. SECONDLY – HOW do i drink that much water? and does the water in my iced tea count? un-NO it doesn’t count and you can start by using a container or favorite cup to keep track. If you use a 10oz cup consistently, know how many you need to drink each day and keep track. DON’T try to drink ice water as your body doesn’t want to freeze and your brain will not let you drink ice-cold water very quickly. If you use room temperature water from a glass, you can drink a lot more in one try than if the water is too cold – why? because your body looks at cold water like a slurpee and challenges you to slow down with a brain freeze. Your brain doesn’t want to freeze and it surely doesn’t want the rest of your body to freeze so it regulates how fast you can drink cold water. Think of those times you pull the water container out of your backpack and drink the whole thing. Usually it’s because you are dehydrated and also because it’s not too cold. THIRDLY – For Summertime a good goal would be 1/2 gallon to a gallon per day depending upon your size. Try it for 3-weeks and you won’t go back! Then add-in as much iced tea as you wish! Have a very blessed day! Dr. Acosta

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