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What We Think-About and Thank-About we Bring-About!

Happy Wed Harmony Health Tribe!  I recently heard a very short discussion about some new-age “sports physiology thinking” and reference to how high level athletes deal with situations that could be very stressful or challenging. Examples were injury recovery; stressful games and life situations, self talk and belief/response. The person speaking is a trainer with Russel Wilson and made reference to how a stressful situation (like a championship game, being behind by 16 points) is to him a “it’s only a 16 point game” mentality that acknowledges the situation/emotional response/what to do about it. The process of keeping calm and collected in the huddle and with each play was focused on a “we need to score and catch-up” instead of “I have 4 interceptions today, this big game is on the line, we are way behind”.  This trainer has been working with #3 since he was drafted for the Seahawks. He’s written a book: But wait, I’ve found an article about it: check it out:

Why You Should Think Like Russell Wilson – 425 Magazine

My how this sounds like some of the speak we have in our office “nobody want a frantic 911 operator” or “if there’s a crisis in the office, we should be the only ones that know about it” or “what we think-about, we bring-about”  sound familiar? our patients have heard these things and our team is very-well-versed that our words, our emotions, our reactions and responses forecast what we reap and sow.   Event-Emotional Response (not reaction) – Plan to Overcome – Execute the Plan.

Hope you enjoy the article and if you aren’t a #3 fan, insert the name of your favorite achiever in any arena and look for the correlations!    Enuf said, have a blessed day and GO HAWKS!  Dr. Acosta & HHealth Team. IMG_3896

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