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Would You Trade Your "Umbrella-High-Wind" Warning For a "Falling Iguana" Warning?

This week we brave the cold rain and the winds that make for a typical winter experience in Washington.  Our friends on the other coast have a different kind of warning as their temperatures are dropping……    just like the Iguana’s are dropping!   My interest in this story started when hearing about the guy who wanted to help the Iguanas as he saw them lay comatose-like on the ground. Some of them upside down, some with legs-up like “scratch my belly” you, know, typical for how Iguanas lay? (i have no idea about that)… So, he wants to help and gathers several up because he doesn’t want them to get eaten (I’m guessing) or maybe he thinks he heard the story about the guy walking


down the beach, seeing thousands of Sand dollars (or was it Starfish?) in the sand and away from the surf…. as he picks one up at a time he throws into the surf and a passerby comments “you’re not gonna make a difference-there’s too many” (something like that as i wasn’t there but love the story…) and as he throws the next one he exclaims, “Yeah but it makes a difference to THIS one!”……  remember that story?   ok, i digress…..  so the Iguana-guy may have wanted to help by gathering up the frozen critters and put them in his car and was figuring out what to do next when you guessed-it,   they WARMED-up, then they WOKE-up, then i’m thinking that’s when they got MAD.  Do you think they are territorial, and upon waking up, realized that the differing Clans of Iguanas had never been in the confines of a car before? (makes me think about the Gangs of New York gathering in one of my favorite movies of all time-The Warriors)…ok, digress again….   Now THAT would have been worth seeing in person…..   So, the observation i’m making today is that i don’t mind the rainy-windy-umbrella day as at least it’s NOT raining Iguanas!  If you’ve read this far, you must be bored, so continue on with one of MANY real news reports about this subject….  and remember you CAN make a difference! One Step-Starfish-Sanddollar-Iguana at a time!   Have a Blessed Day!   Dr. Acosta

South Florida residents woke up to an unusual warning Wednesday — beware the falling iguanas.“This isn’t something we usually forecast, but don’t be surprised if you see Iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s. Brrrr!” said a tweet from the National Weather Service in Miami.  Sure enough, residents started tweeting confirmation of seeing falling iguanas Wednesday as wind chills dipped into the 30s. The cold-blooded iguanas drop from trees in low temperatures because they become immobile. The weather service says that just because they are not moving doesn’t mean they’re dead. Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill told NBC Miami that smaller iguanas are more likely to fall quickly after the temperatures drop to the 40s or below.

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